Aggregate Products

Bulk Deliveries - Limestone, Gritstone, Sands, Gravels, Granite and Slate.

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Stockport - Manchester - North West

aggregate product supplies

For PLC's, contractors, house builders to private builders and domestic customers, J.Handford & Son Limited can supply a wide range of quarried or recycled products to most parts of the country which can either be of gritstone, limestone, granite or gravel specifications depending on locality.

  • Type 1 Sub Bases.
  • Crusher Runs.
  • Pipe Beddings.
  • Clean stone.
  • 6F4 and 5's and Bulk Fills incorporating most grades of crusher run.
  • Various grades of sand, including building, grit and fill sands. Specialist use sands, including top dressing and silica sands.
  • Crushed Brick / Concrete and Brick Hardcore recycled aggregate to a certificated 6F2 or Type 1 specification.
  • Screened and Graded Soils.
  • Slate - Various colours and grades.
  • Gravels - complying to various categories and specifications.
  • Block stone - For either landscaping use or unauthorised access prevention.

Other more specialist or regional products can usually be quoted upon request.